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The company Kordun Gradnja deals with the construction and sale of high-quality apartments!

Kordun Gradnja has been building its reputation as a reliable investor for 10 years. That is why it is important for us to justify the trust that has been placed in us. All residential and business premises that we have built are properly registered in the land register. Kordun Gradnja understands that buying an apartment or office space is a serious investment, and we are at your disposal for all kinds of consultations. Behind every construction project is an expert team of people from Kordun Gradnje, which guarantees you the agreed deadlines and quality of construction.

Kordun gradnja Novi Sad


All our buildings have

Zlatarićeva 16, three-room apartment no. 2, 60.08m², moving in at the end of September 2023. €2,000/m² – €120,160

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    Three-room apartment in Laze Pačua street in Adice – Novi Sad. The apartment is about to be moved into.

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      Pavla Vujisić, four-room 73.86m², ready to move in, €1,600/m² – €118,176

      A four-room apartment in an attractive location in Pavla Vujisića Street, which meets the needs of a large family.

      • No. of rooms 4
      • Total surface 73,86m²
      • Price 1600€/m²
      • Total price 118.176€
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        Ratarska street, two-bedroom 41.88m² before moving in, €1,650/m² – €69,102

        Two-bedroom apartment in an attractive location in Ratarska street.

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          A four-room apartment in an attractive location in Zlatarićeva street, which meets the needs of a large family.

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            Buy an apartment directly from an investor

            Different types of apartments in several locations in the city

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