Slavka Rodića, Veternik, Novi Sad

About the project

This complex was conceived as a modern residential community that meets all the needs of modern life – it meets the standards of quality of construction and materials, it has the necessary infrastructure and functionalities that refine the busy pace of the working man, parking is provided in front of the buildings. Fantastic location: Slavka Rodića bb, Vetrnik


Surroundings of the building

These buildings of ours are located in quiet streets in the immediate vicinity of the health center, bus stop and kindergarten. Everything you need for a peaceful and comfortable life!

Project details

Investor: Kordun gradnja doo
Location: Laze Pačua bb, Adice
Facility: Multi-family residential facility
Object type: P+1+Pk
Facilities: 8
Residential units: 32
Completion of works: August-November 2023, depending on the building
Apartments from 32 to 77
Architectural bureau: MG projekt doo
Responsible designer: Master of Civil Engineering Gojko Jovanović


  • Heating with SAMSUNG heat pumps (very economical and reliable system, customized special heating for each apartment)
  • Six-chamber carpentry of the German profile, firm DIKIĆ
  • Security door of steel construction with beautiful design in natural wood color PORTA NS
  • Tarkett parquet 14mm three-layer with royal molding 6cm
  • Geberit hidden water tank, boiler 80L Gorenje
  • Bramac tile
  • Demit facade 10 cm insulation
  • Concrete roof slab 20cm + insulation in the roof glass wool 20cm
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